Dustin (duddywuddy) wrote in thesassy,

New Contests

This is a caption contest. For those of you that have never heard of such a thing, i am going to post a picture, and you are going to come up with a funny/witty "caption" for some examples of caption contests you can go to captioncontests.

Feel free to add as many captions as you want, it helps to start the creative juices. You can only have one entry though. So this is how we're going to organize it.

Reply to this post with your caption, if you think of another caption reply to your previous caption. Do not reply to someone elses caption (well, with your caption, you can reply saying good job and all that jazz) When i set up the vote, we will take which ever caption has been added on last, which means that if you put 4 captions and decide you liked the 2nd one best add it as a reply to the 4th caption.

feel free to ask for advice on which caption you should keep, etc.

here it is:

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