creativexangst (creativexangst) wrote in thesassy,

Our Government and You

~In wars in the last decade more children then soldiers were killed.

~One in five U.S. children die before their first Birthday.

~1 in 3 children is poor at sometime during their childhood

~ The U.S. is the first in technology, defense spending, military
spending & last in protecting kids from gun violence

~Every minute a baby is born without health insurance.

~83% of the governments income comes from people like you & me, only
17% from corporations.

~In '87 the number of shopping malls surpassed high schools

~For every dollar a white man makes, a white woman makes 8 cents, a
black woman makes 75 cents, a Latino woman makes 58 cents.

~If poverty level is $8.50/hour why is minimum wage $5.15/hour?

~Enron had 881 offshore subsidiaries paying no taxes

~CEOs make 531 times more then the average blue collar worker

~3% of the population owns 95% of privately held U.S. land.

~40% of the American workforce earns below poverty level

~ 40% of homeless are veterans, 40% employed & 20% are children.

~ 9 miles of rural land is turned over the development each day.

~If the Democrats are so revitalized, why did they not insist the
trillion dollar surplus be spent on health care for the 44 million
Americans without instead of handing refunds to the wealthiest 1%
of this nation?

~The minimum wage hasn't been raised since '97 but the
Administration handed out billions in corporate rebates.
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