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The Sassy

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You know that friend on your livejournal that you just wait for them to update because you just know that whatever they have to say is going to be hilarious and interesting and really make you think? Well they're here. With a whole lot of people just like them.

Here at TheSassy we want to be that extra perk in your day. have a fun story to share? have a topic of debate? know the meaning to life? We want to hear it.

This community is a spin off of a now closed community who's objectives were to find people that were sassy to all become friends with each other. It worked, but there was a slight problem. It was a rating community. Since then we have discovered that everyone has some kind of sass in them and we want to help them discover it. So we've thrown out those intimidating applications and openned the doors to all.

So what's so special about this community?
Well we have some things that no other livejournal community has:

1) an evolution system yes we all start as rocks and have to work our way up until we reach our princess cut and some of us may even become diamonds (moderators). The evolution system is based on posts, comments, and kudos which brings me to number 2.

2) We have kudos. Did you litirally fall on the floor laughing at a post? did someone make that point that you just couldn't get across? Give them a kudo. Unfortunately not everyone will have kudos to give away :(. Yes the kudos you get to give away have to obtained by various (every changing) means. Maybe you'll get a kudo to give away on your birthday, Maybe for helping out, maybe for being promoted, maybe for getting enough. Kudos are sort of mysterious and you never know when they might come your way, but when you get one give it away and make someone's day (i'm sorry you actually CANNOT find that on a kitty cat poster, to everyone's surprise).

3) We have tribes. When you have evolved far enough you will get the choice to be in one of four tribes. These tribes have their own seprate livejournal page where everything is kept a secret from the other members through the great "friends only" ability. These tribes are based on your own personality and often you will find that a tribe actually chooses you (metaphorically of course).

Other kick ass things that we have but aren't so exclusive are the competitions, generally held once a month. these can be all kinds of crazy things, but are always fun.

With that said, join.

The Legal Jargin:

+Be Respectful to each other, don't be mean. <--period
+Be Respectful to your superiors, you might not like some of them, but chances are they know what's going on a little more than you.
+Be Respectful to your inferiors, you might think they're niave and dumb, but they need guidance
+Be Respectful of everyone's opinions, you can disagree with them, you can even debate them, but know that they are allowed to have them, and when someone tells you that they're done debating, that's it.
+Be Respectful to the moderators, it's a tough job, it's complicated and time consuming, and they're all doing a lot to make this possible and i promise they're doing their best. Don't whine about not evolving, no we haven't forgotten about you, we have a very complex system (of monkeys) to make sure you are where you should be.
+Be Respectful to yourself, don't make yourself look like an idiot for breaking these rules, and don't let yourself be taken advantage of, you make this community, if you have a good idea...voice it. if someone's not treating you like they should, go above them (even the moderators have to answer to each other).

oh...and lastly, when you give someone a kudo it will only be counted if you e-mail me at duddywuddy@gmail.com with the url of the thread, because in all honesty i'll try to read every post, but just in case ;)

(this isn't a rule, but we'd LOVE for you to post our banner in your journal, not manditory, but appreciated, besides you'll get a free kudo starter pack for it ;) )

For more information/help look at the memories.

How do you shimmer?