Dustin (duddywuddy) wrote in thesassy,


i think our interest page needs to be updated and started from scratch since a lot of them are interests of people in the last community. So here's what i want to do:

reply with a list of things you find sassy! That's it. For every item you list (that isn't already on someone elses) you will be awarded 2 exp points (which let me tell you, is a good amount).

1) this mini contests will end in one week
2) you may only reply with one list, no going back and adding more so maybe you want to keep a written list next to your study for the next week and add them in later ;)
3) I don't even have to say "don't add things just to get points" because i don't think any of you would do that anyway, you realize that these interests are going to represent you when people search for them.
4) I'm making a generic list that deal with the community first so no one is going to get poitns for 'sass' ;)

Have fun!
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